Chatbot Design: Cyberbullying

Duration           One Week  
Ownership       Chao-LIng Chyou
                            (Conversation Design / UX Design )

                             Janet Choi
                             (Conversation Design / Developer )

Contribution   UX Design, Conversation Design, AI Design

This project collaborative with Feminist Internet. It, aiming to use feminist design principles to create a chatbot that addresses the problem of online abuse.
During the intensive course, the tutor from Glitch provided us with a list of ‘Types of Abuse’ that people experience online. From those ideation, we picking up cyberbullying as our topic with cyberbullying.


Armed with all the insights from our guest experts, we got started on exploring which stakeholder groups to work with — what kind of online
abuse they might be experiencing, and what this experience might feel

So, we started thinking and generate the idea in “How can a feminist chatbot help teenage girls who experienced online abuse to cope with possible mentality issues”? 

User Research and Background Issues

  • 20%  of aged 11-19 reported having experienced cyberbullying in 2017
  • 30% of teenagers wanted to seek revenge
  • 40% of teenagers (cyberbullied)  had developed social anxiety
  • NHS Digital 2018
  • Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2017

Stakeholders and HMW

11- 19 Teenage girls

  • experienced cyberbullying
  • received offensive comments
  • any other types of cyberbullying
  • mainly on Instagram

Also, they being called names, teased or humiliated and posting,being called names, teased or humiliated  posting, commenting on or liking nasty photos, videos or posts about you online being pushed, hit or hurt and even trolling you or commenting on your posts or pictures saying nasty things

Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2017

Context: Feminist Design Tool 

With the context we had settled down from primary/ literature review:

Start of conversation (intro)
Ask for Emotion
About Cyberbullying
Possible Actions
About Parents
Acknowledgement of Impacts
Getting External Support
Other Suggestion
End of Conversation


Scene - hate messages received -> intention to self-harm; they feel confused, anxious or depressed

Trigger - They may have told the parents or report to police, but they
need advice and help for the mental issues at the same time

Interaction - Let them know they are not alone, many supports are
available through a sympathetic conversation with Emojis and GIFs

Change -  may not change their emotion completely, but hopefully make
them feel better and empower them to deal with the situation

Chatbot Personality and Appearance

Tone of voice - Warm-hearted, Helpful, human-like ( ex: don’t worry, giving advice on what they can do like making a new friend for the stakeholders

Gendered Suitable - for every style (not only girls will face cyberbullying)

Visual Elements - Emoji, GIF, Calm and Warm Color

Online Prototype: Cyber Smart Buddy

 Link :


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