Initial prototype with online survelliance game

Research through design(RtD): Awareness of Data Surveillance

Duration           Three Months  
Ownership       Chao-LIng Chyou

Categories      UX Research
Contribution   UX Research

Data Surveillance had happend in our daily life especially in teenagers or younger people. In current statistic, between 2017 to 2021, there are almost 80% of people whp aged between 6 to 16 in the UK had been through data surveillance as their parents reported. Based on my previous project and my curious about how younger people realise this topic and content, I had been picked up this topic as my further research.  

What is research througjh design?


An approach to conducting research that employs the methods, practices, and processes of design practice with the intention of generating new knowledge from “Neotribe”,  which also applied into HCI as qualitative research method in early stage research.

What is “Neotribe”?

“Neotribe” is user which is non-traditional users, which is the user who is specific using specific product/or invisible system in specific scenarios, For example, like the user who liked played golden treasure seeker or games.  

Why doing RtD?

The main goal is to dig out the user’s intentions, behaviours and knowledge about users, creating design objects or prototype to continuously conduct research for user’s primary need.  


Definition of online surveillance

Data surveillance here means you can realise the data and information you give whilst connecting virtually may be hacked or disrupted from third-party.

Researhch questions

How dangerous does it for 12-15 teenagers in the UK?
How much they had realise data survelliance?

How/Where to recruit tester?

Picking up with at least three participants who is interested in using computer or being allowed by their parents(aligned with GDPR).

Find out user from previous project collaboration with teenagers and organisation.   

First workshop - environment

Silent environment without any sound and disruption also need to be as being delivered the unbias and fair result. Used laptop only.

Workshop roles

Test Observer

  • Chao-Ling Chyou


  • 5 participants(All sessions are individual and conducted remotely )
  • 12-15 aged teenagers who used internet

What is the metric of first workshop?

  • Scenario Completion

Completion of task (Successfully or unsuccessfully)

  • Knowledge/confusion points collection

Goal of first workshop 

  • Completion rate

The completion without any errors whilst testing.

The goal of completion rate is [100%/100%] for task in workshop.

  • Confusion points collection

First workshop - Activity

  • Pre-set up: (5 mins) with instructions explaining
  • Task: (all included 20mins) open the computer and visit the website for searching the information of the game they like and describe your feelings and each step they will browse page. Search one page only.

    1. Draw a dots highlighting the data surveillance may happen while browsing page (5 mins)

    2. Draw a dots with colour highlighting the step which may cause data surveillance (5 mins)

    3. Draw a line reflecting your thinking how dangerous for each step (5 mins)

First workshop - Result

  • Scenario Completion
    (unsuccessful rate is 20%)

The goal of completion rate is [100%/80%] for each task in workshop.

  • Knowledge/confusion points collection

1. Their aspects of awareness are not so clear and they had different thoughts in which scenario may occur data surveillance

2. They don't feel too much dangerous in data surveillance(80% of teenagers don’t have too much sense of it)

Second workshop - Research questions

how much they realise data surveillance? and what they may care about data surveillance and what are their thoughts and feelings?

What is the metric of second workshop?

  • Knowledge points collection

Seocnd workshop - Activity

  • Pre-set up: before one week with those data surveillance related-reading in individual Miro
  • Task:

1. Choose one articles and read(45 mins)
2. Write and put notes here with your feelings and opinions in data survelliance from those news (45mins)

Second workshop - Result

  • They mostly are shocked but not too much concerned
  • They only realise surface and can't quickly get the points for it the data surveillance happened in each steps  
  • Some mentioned online wifi and cookies may their key points for data surveillance

Initial Prototype

  • Goal: used monopoly game to let teenagers realise when and how and where may occur data survelliance as well as researching their need and opinions through monopoly game based on game  instructions

  • Material: 

    1. One board game
    2. Two dices
    3. ? card' - for 10 cards, presenting different steps may happen during using website and Internet
    4. '! card' - for total 20 cards, present the step for each step may have data surveillance, each step may have 4 copies
    5. Character cards - five players
    6. several money credit papers, 50, 100 and 200 dollars

  • Game rules: 

    1. five people can join the game
    2. in the first round, people can't get any money through the game as well as punishment or ? card.
    3. once people dice and spot some step, it can be get money. some step will gain more money like the step in online surveillance(red one)
    4. '! card' means the step may occur online surveillance. '? card' means something will change during the process randomly, like you do sth for great to avoid hacking etc.

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