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User Research: eFOOOD  surplus meal system

Duration           Two Months  
Ownership       Chao-LIng Chyou, Nai-Yi, Sean Lin

Categories      UX Research
Contribution   UX Research

eFOOOD Food surplus system meal is a system which is the system interacted with donators who donatoed the surplus meal, restaurant who had supplied surplus meal, users who lived under wage and social workers. 

Evaluate and Strategic Research

Main Goals

  • To understand donator’s perceptions and motivations while using system
  • To evaluate whether system flow aligns with restaurant current behavior and expectations
  • To evaluate whether system flow and feature aligned with people who lived in the under wage’s current behaviours and expectations

Methodology & Procedure


User Interviews sessions

  • 3 participants
  • 30 min sessions

Recruited participants

  • Supplied suplus meal at least six months
  • Had used restaruant operation system
  • Taipei Area


Survey Design

  • 10 questions for understand donator’s motivations, behaviours and expectations
  • Over 50 valid responses

Social Workers (alternative )

User Interview

  • 3 participants (at least 1)
  • 30 mins sessions


  • Who had experience work alongside the people who lived under standard wage

My role



  • Planned
  • Recruiting
  • Conducting


  • Planned
  • Conducting
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

Social Workers

  • None

Process and Challenges

Re-ensure the needs with stakeholders

While the team had done research previously one year ago,  but during the pandemic, the need had been changed since then.
We would like to ensure the needs in different stakeholders profoundly in their behaviours and expectations.

Create the value of three-way sustainability systems   

In the initial briefing, the team had created the initial flow of systems previously, but they would like to develop flow and features with three-way systems,
creating the real value for restaurants, donators and people who really need surplus meal, aligned with  users in realitiy, building up sustainability recycling systems.   

I moderated sessions and analyzed findings to learn: 

Initial Findings


Value and Use Case

  • User thoughts that the system they would like to use

Need some instructions in restaurant system

  • User prefer using but need more specific information on how restaurant system works out especially interfaces may align with user perferences
  • System need clear functionalities and easy operation system, with big fonts in interfaces and bright colours

Need to settle criteria with limited amount of meals

  • People can pick up the  meal with more than one, but restaurant wondering it need to be but calculated to ensure the meal can be delivered who really need, like maximum with two meals one time


Value and Use Case

  • User who would likely to donate are aged between 20-45
  • About 66% of user thoughtsthe system they would like to based on concept of sustainability

User cared about the transprency about money

  • 90% of user care about the how money used and where money goes on   
  • 72% of users also would like to recieve notification by email an systems in every three months or half a year

User not really understand the concept of surplus meal

  • Only 50% of user understand surplus meal system
  • User understand the surplus meal mostly from media and restaurant surrounded by

Surplus meal may possibly been delivered to people who may not need

  • 65% of user wondered about the meal can’t really helped to the people who really need

Donate motivations and factors based on reputations of restaurant

  • Most user will donate the resaurant surrounded by or have reputation recognised from NPO/NGOs or media

Overall, with the deadline of shifting the flow of systems, scheduleing  to meet with lead stakeholders to go over the initial findings.

My two main goals at this point were to:

Focus in on what the most actionable insights for the team were
Decide how to best frame findings

By meeting with key stakeholders early on:

Confirmed team’s priorities: shifted user flow
Discussed features requested: functions urgently needed from users

Impacts & Results

Framed the findings  into strategic decisions

Collaborating with the team to disucss about the findings in frequent meetings, to ensure the insights which is highlighted and make best strategic decisions.

Transformed the findings into insights

Launch of Feature

As a result of the study and our collaboration, the team made launching for donating. Here are some of functions and flows we had built up or adjusted with UX designer and developers.

Add features and flow for Donator system

  • Add features for donate the restaurant with meals
  • Add the restaurant that can be donated within 3 kms
  • Add the options of donation in 100, 200 and 500 dollars or randomly

Adjusted the flow align with restaurant  

  • Built up the flow which is closer to POS system, including meals recording system pages
  • Adjusted the UI in bigger fonts and bright colours in restaurant system

(Thumbnail: Features with donate launching)

*** Picture not being aligned with the system picture, due to sensitive nature of information which may against NDA

Quick Summary

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